Becoming a helicopter pilot may seem like an unachievable dream for most. Fortunately, NAC Helicopter Pilot Training has developed a new […]
The MAF Uganda program has become an international hub for many of our pilots as its training base expands and […]
At present, some solar aviation obstruction lights are constant-current charging, which refers to the charging method of adjusting the output […]
Global Helicopter Service (GHS) has been awarded a unique helicopter service contract by the International Committee of the Red Cross […]
On the afternoon of Sunday, 25th August 2019, AMREF Flying Doctors’ Control Centre received an urgent distress call requesting the urgent […]
Air Mauritius has launched its flight academy, which has been operational since August, 2019. It offers pilots training in Mauritius […]
The #OneMoreOrbit Team has made history by beating the world circumnavigation speed record for any aircraft flying over both geographical […]