General Aviation Africa Top 50 Lawyers recognizes leading lawyers and law firms with a track record in representing general aviation interests.  

General Aviation Africa Top Lawyers recognizes leading lawyers and firms with strong deal structuring, litigation and conflict resolution track record in general aviation, successfully representing aircraft operators, financiers, lessors, manufacturers, insurers, airports, and export credit agencies.

Africa’s evolving aviation landscape makes it imperative for both domestic and international businesses to seek legal assistance when navigating the regulatory environment. The African legal market continues to be one where clients seek out good lawyers with deal and industry track record and experience.

Perhaps this is because of the respect and trust individual lawyers have built and nurtured in lawyer-client relationships, and more importantly, their reputation by name, which sometimes far outweighs their firm’s brand name or size.

It is against this backdrop that General Aviation Africa presents its list of the top 50 lawyers (including foreign legal consultants/advisers/counsel) practising the African aviation space. The list is based on extensive research conducted by our editorial team.

The list is concentrated with lawyers in practicing in countries considered as hubs for both commercial and general aviation in Africa. Oil and gas driven business aviation in West and North Africa, bush, tourism and recreational aviation in East and Southern Africa. The  list represents “on the ground” legal expertise in commercial and general aviation, with lawyers who are well placed to have their ear to the ground with regard to recent developments in terms of all aspects of aviation operations and regulations.